Liquid Solana Staking

Stake and grow your SOL holdings with Lido for Solana.
Get instant liquidity and participate in DeFi with stSOL.

Staked with Lido

2,871,250 SOL


Lido APR


Rewards paid

256,042 SOL


Why Lido for Solana?

Staking SOL with Lido allows users to benefit from staking rewards without sacrificing flexibility and added DeFi possibilities

Sell your staked tokens without lockups
1-Click Staking
The simplest way to stake
Decentralized Security
Diversification across professional providers
DeFi Integrations
Use liquid staking tokens as collateral in DeFi protocols

Don't just hold your SOL. Grow it.

Use stSOL in liquidity mining pools

ProtocolLiquidity poolReward APYTVLRewards 

SOL Staking Calculator

Calculate your staking rewards and earnings with our simple calculator tool

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Lido rewards
Monthly rewards
0.042 SOL
Yearly rewards
0.509 SOL


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