Liquid Ethereum Staking

Stake any amount of ETH to receive daily rewards and increase your balance through DeFi.

Staked amount

9,332,956 ETH


Lido APR


Rewards paid

512,062 ETH


Why Lido?

With Lido Ethereum staking is made simple and accessible to anyone

Biggest Ethereum pool
Lido is the leading Ethereum staking pool letting you benefit from efficient liquidity and pool security
A global community
Chat with the team, others in the community, and have your say in shaping the future of the Lido protocol
Growing Protocol Ecosystem
The growing Lido ecosystem lets you to put your staked ETH to use across Curve, Yearn, Sushi, 1inch and more to compound rewards

Why does Lido APR differ from various liquid staking protocols?

The main differences between APR in various liquid staking protocols are formed due to the unique solutions of each protocol and approaches to the formation of a validator set.

Here are Lido-on-Ethereum distinctive approaches on rewards:


APR increases as EL rewards are got due to staking of received EL rewards. Compounding statistics

Performance of Lido validators

The better the underlying validator sets are, the more robust, resilient, and performant the staking protocol. Operator Statistics and Metrics

Rewards socialization model

With Lido, you receive staking rewards within 24 hours of your deposit without waiting for validator activation.

Protocol fee

Lido applies a 10% fee on staking rewards that are split between node operators and the DAO Treasury.

Rewards Calculator

Calculate your staking rewards with simple calculator tool

Enter your amount
Monthly rewards
0.027 ETH
Yearly rewards
0.321 ETH

Meet Lido on L2

Get wstETH and benefit from reduced gas fees across various DeFi integrations within the L2 ecosystem.

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Withdrawals are here!

How does it work?

Users can unstake their stETH or wstETH through withdrawals. Upon unstaking stETH, they will receive ETH at a 1:1 ratio. When unstaking wstETH, the unwrapping process will take place seamlessly in the background.

  • 1

    Request withdrawal

    Lock your stETH/wstETH by issuing a withdrawal request. ETH is sourced to fulfill the request, and then locked stETH is burned, which marks the withdrawal request as claimable.

  • 2


    Claim your ETH after the withdrawal request has been processed.

Go to withdrawals
Withdrawals NFT

Monitor request status with Lido NFT

Your withdrawal request is an NFT that can be traded or be helpful with the awareness of your request status


The NFT changes when your request is ready to claim!


Explore validators that help grow Lido

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Become a Node Operator

Find out about the requirements, expectations, and process for applying to be a Lido Node Operator

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