Program overview

The goal of the Lido referral program is to increase the security of Solana and Ethereum. The more ETH and SOL that are staked on Ethereum and Solana, the more secure they become. When a user creates stETH or stSOL with a referrer's unique URL, the referrer gets DAI or LDO token which can be used to vote on governance decisions of the Lido protocol.

Who is allowed in the Lido referral program?

Applicants are accepted which meet the following criteria:

  • Not anonymous.

  • Good reputation in the blockchain ecosystem.

  • Review of previous staking history and determined that applicant has not had predatory behavior in the past.

Applicants can include DAO’s, wallets, protocols, individuals, educators and influencers.

The Lido referral committee is made up of three DAO members that look over applicants and decides if an applicant meets the qualifications outlined in the Ethereum and Solana Terms and conditions which were ratified by the DAO.

What info do I need to provide to become whitelisted?

Provide the following information:

  • Platform name.

  • Background information and sources.

  • How you intend to make use of the Lido referral program.

  • The address you want to be whitelisted and if the address is an externally owned account (EOA) or a smart contract address.


Ethereum referrals get up to 5.5 DAI per ETH.


Solana program gets 1% in LDO tokens per SOL staked.

How do I claim my rewards?

  • On Ethereum, visit Lido uses Rhino’s Layer 2 network to distribute rewards to referrers.

  • For Solana referrers, payments are sent directly to your whitelisted wallet address on-chain.

Where can I get more information or ask question about the referral program?

For announcements, please join the referral announcement telegram channel. This channel will inform referrers on when payments have been sent, changes to the program, or governance proposals affecting the program.

For questions, referrers can always drop questions in Lido’s dedicated referral discord channel, in Lido’s official telegram channel, or DM members on the Referral Committee.